König puts the crown on the white gold

Over the years the company specialized in the porcelain industry to high quality as well as to multifunctional and extensive production which is esteemed worldwide. For this reason the company “König Porzellan” acts as component supplier to big companies in the branch. Our exceptional range of products shows our adaptability and the desire to meet the requirements of our customers.

Secondary we are one of the market leaders in porcelain and glass decoration, where the most difficult porcelain decorations are fired and executed by now. At the firm “König Porzellan GmbH “small and large clients receive everything their heart desires: from the thimble to beer jug ​​to large serving platters.

Continuity, quality and high attendance to innovation characterize the company´s history, which is still successful today although it was strongly affected by changing economic and cultural conditions over the years.

Products of “König Porzellan GmbH”

  • Dinnerware for hotels
  • Toilet requisites
  • Presents
  • Commodities for catering
  • Dishes for daily use
  • BMF - thermo jugs

The goods are marketed through the specialized trade, through in-house industrial selling and the online-shop. Further product information can be found here.