Production process of König

The company's grand motivation as well as its adaptability isn't only achieved by a strong and well-rehearsed team, but also by employees who comprehends their trade.

The profession of a modeller requires exceptional artistic and manual qualifications as well as consolidated knowledge of material statics and style periods to ensure a very high quality.

Manufacturing method: turnery, foundry and pressure casting

Our production process of the “white gold” is based on the combination of traditional manufacturing and the application of modern processing technology. In the subsequent trial the items are cleaned, glazed and fired.

Refining procedure: hand painting, printing press and spray process

Detailed precision work with coloring oxide, that is made durable by repeated combustion. The peculiarity of the coloring requires special manner of painting, practice,skill,diligence and experience from the porcelain painter.

Quality control

In order to ensure high quality each item has to be screened and released before dispatch. The control secures constant quality and the satisfaction of our customers.

Products of “König Porzellan GmbH”

  • Dinnerware for hotels
  • Toilet requisites
  • Presents
  • Commodities for catering
  • Dishes for daily use
  • BMF - thermo jugs

The goods are marketed through the specialized trade, through in-house industrial selling and the online-shop. Further product information can be found here.